Monday 20 January 2014


Hello SG Primadonnas,

We're sure all of you are aware that due to the cancellation of TAKE Concert in Singapore and Korean Music Wave last year, we were not able to carry out our special event. Thankfully, our efforts have not gone to waste! 
FTIsland will be coming to Singapore on the 8 of March 2014 for FTHX Concert!!! This time, we will be collaborating with @5TIslandsg for a special fan project. Do make sure to head over to their website for more information and details about the fan project :)  

We'd like to thank all of you for your generous donation the last time and we're happy to inform you that the banners have already been printed. These banners, along with the new batch of banners will be used as part of the project. We apologise that this batch of banners states "TAKE Singapore" since it was meant for the previous concert but don't worry, we will be printing new banners that says "FTHX Singapore". 

Since the banners are printed with funds contributed by fellow Primadonnas, we do not want it to go to waste thus we will still be using these banners. However, Primadonnas in the standing pits (PEN A, B, C) will be given the priority of taking the new banners because they are the ones closest to FTIsland. Thus, if you are in the seating area, you will most likely be given the "TAKE Singapore" banner.
NOTE: The banners will be EXACTLY the same except it will say "FTHX" Instead of "TAKE" 

Just in case some of you did not see our update on twitter, this is how the banner looks like :) 

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Our Partner: @5TIslandSG

Wednesday 10 April 2013


Hello pris! 
This is our first ever project for Take FTISLAND in Singapore and we hope it will be a successful one.


(Actual banner will be printed without the white fonts)
  • When to be held up during the concert will be updated again.
  • There will be limited pieces to be given out. It will depend on the donations that we have received. The more we have, the more banners there will be available for pris! ^^
  • Priority will be given to rockpit ticket holders. The remaining will be distributed according to the category nearest to the stage to the furthest from the stage. We will post up more details on distribution when the dates are nearing.

For all our projects to happen, we really really need your support so we hope everyone of you could chip in and donate to us to help our projects be successful! Every single one of your contribution means a lot to us!
  • Amount: minimum SGD 5
After contributing to POSB SAVINGS 209-78653-2,
 please send an email to projectFTISG@gmail(.)com in this format;

Twitter username:
Contact number:
Reference number:

Xie xie hamnida^^^^^^^^